On May 7th at 5:45AM CDT in the sidereal zodiac the Moon is full in the sign of Libra, specifically in the Nakshatra (star map) of Vishakha. One symbol for Vishakha is a decorated gateway which indicates triumph, or a goal achieved.  The Nakshatra before it is Swati, where the triumph a...

Akshaya Tritiya – April 25th, 2020

Today is a very auspicious day to begin a project or devotional practice where one wishes to have great success.  Akshaya Tritiya is the 3rd day of the lunar cycle in Aries where the Sun and Moon are both in their exalted states.  When Sun is in the sig...

I had a discussion with Sam Geppi, well known Vedic Astrologer and Teacher about how to navigate these strange times using Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and yoga.  Take a look:

(Photo by Oran Storm on Unsplash)

On April 22, 2020 at 9:25 CST we enter the new Moon cycle is Aries within the Nakshatra of Ashwini. The new Moon signifies the beginning of the next lunar cycle and marks the beginning placement for our intentions to seed, cultivate, root and produc...

(artwork: @rachday_)

Early this week the Sun came into exaltation in the sidereal zodiac in Aries where it does its best. For the next month we will have the support of the Sun in Aries potentially bringing about radiance, power from within and the opportunity to have situations illumina...

(Artist: Insta: @rachday_  Facebook: Rachael Day)

This past week brought us the transit of 3 planets in Capricorn: Jupiter (where it is debilitated), Mars (where is does its best) and Saturn which rules Capricorn.  Jupiter expresses here as feeling lack of faith or hopelessness and...

These are crazy times. We hope to make it through to the other side with minimal damage.  We are under immense pressure, intensity and quite a bit of uncertainty.  Today Jupiter (higher teachings) has moved into Capricorn where it is debilitated which could lead us to fee...


This Full Moon in Leo is in the Nakshatra of Magha where we are able to connect deeply with our roots, our ancestors and we may feel a swell of familial pride. The full moon is where we feel our roots and how we feel about them. Our lineage is passed down from generation to...

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