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Mercury is Retrograde in Aquarius from February 17th through March 10th.  Aquarius is where we look to causes and interests which are beyond our own personal interests.  In Vedic Astrology when a planet goes retrograde it is considered to be stronger because the planet is closest to ear...

December 12, 2019

(Artwork by @rachday_) 

This full Moon in Mrigashira brings out the gentle, somewhat shy, and constantly seeking nature of a deer to our inner landscape.  The Moon is a part of our internal realm – heart centered and connected to the whole of all consciousness, if we slow down and plug i...

November 12th the Moon will be full in the Nakshatra (star constellation) of Bharani. Bharani's translation means "she who bears".  This is a direct reference to how we are transported between different planes and realms of existence.  

Our soul’s desires may be more challenging to...

The darker inner-landscape is fertile ground for developing and ‘seeing’ our inner light.  Today, in the midst of Diwali (Hindu celebration of light) we are called to see the light within and grow it, steadily.  The new Moon is the darkest of the moon phases and brings us to planting th...

(Artwork: @rachday_)

Today’s Full Moon is in Revati, the naskshatra (star constellation) resides in Pisces, and is the last stop of the Zodiac and the indicator of final enlightenment.  Here we are drawn to the metaphysics of the universe in a deeper way, seeking release and final unders...

With the New Moon in Virgo tomorrow we are at a place where we can reflect and allow clarity to actualize with more ease than in recent times. 

The New Moon will be in the Nakshatra of Hasta - which means "the hand."  The reference to the hand as a symbol of this asterism is a refer...

August 15, 2019

Today, the Full Moon in Capricorn brings our internal world into focus and our sensible, practical natures may peek through. How is this helpful?  Well, in Capricorn we may become aware of how our connection to the ‘feeling’ of security may be tied to ‘things’ which don’t actually provi...

Tomorrow Jupiter (our sense of hope) will no longer be retrograde and will begin moving forward again in Scorpio. The result of Jupiter moving forward may be a feeling of ease or exhaling - perhaps a newfound hope or direction. Jupiter is less frustrated when moving forward. Mars has ju...

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