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Today's New Moon in Scorpio | Thankful for You.

I want to start today's update by telling you how thankful I am for each of you.

Thank you for allowing me tell you what I think about vedic astrology. Thank you for supporting my work. Thank you for letting me do readings for you and letting me into your hearts and lives. I appreciate you reading my content, sharing, and staying open. Thank you.

With four planets in Scorpio (where we feel most vulnerable), today's new Moon in Scorpio is quite an experience. Our thoughts (Moon), identity (Sun), speech (Mercury), and happiness (Venus) are most likely to be thrown off by this. When the Moon is new, it is the darkest, which means that we are most likely to think dark thoughts. Remember that our energy goes where our attention goes. This weekend, we have a real chance to hold the line of awareness and connection with our families and friends. Planetary upheaval is neither a reason nor an excuse to react with fear and anger. Instead, it's more of a guideline for what to do when things heat up in the kitchen and how to deal with our own inner turmoil.

Here's the quick key:

Moon: thoughts and mind

Sun: identity and soul

Mercury: speech and mind

Venus: happiness and contentment

Mars: action and strength.

Mars is in retrograde, which means it is closest to earth. When a planet is in retrograde, it has a strong effect on the living things it affects. It is in direct contact with each of the four planets that are in Scorpio right now. This means that we might want to argue or have a reaction of our own to make sure we're happy. Sense of self also comes up in this case. Watching what we say and how we say it could help everyone now, because we are more likely to regret our actions when we react out of fear or anger instead of with love and thought.

When we are more deliberate about how we talk to each other and what we say, we help each other. This is a very vulnerable place for the Moon, so keep in mind that you may have unexplained urges to try to control situations in order to feel better, but the best way to feel better is to connect with divine energies. Even more stabilizing is to bring your focus to your heart and connect with it.

In and of the light,


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