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Full Moon in Sidereal Aquarius | August 2023

If you knew you have direct access to blessings of the one who has unlimited knowledge, what could you set out to do? What could you heal or what could you make? During this month's Full Moon we have this special ability to connect to the Physicians of the Gods.

This Full Moon (our consciousness) is in Aquarius in the sideral zodiac, directly opposite of Leo, where just a few weeks ago we created intentions during the New Moon to gather strength and rein our power for the higher-minded purposes. Now in Aquarius, the fullness of the Moon guides us to stand together in love, compassion and service to humanity. We gain more ground when we band together in peace and support.

This Full Moon is in the nakshatra (star constellation) called Shatabishak. This nakshatra provides us with radical or immense transformation, once we have opened ourselves to the potential and moved beyond being ‘stuck-in’ our situation or have decided to step forth in participating in our healing or the healing of others.

The symbol of Shatabishak is a flower which represents the fruiting or blossoming of our development. It relates to the thousand-petaled lotus or the crown chakra at the top our head where energy flows within and without. Shatabishak means ‘100 healers or 100 medicines’ and often we try many different modalities to ‘fix’ what ails us and now is a good time to remember that we may already know what the disturbance is, we have to lean into the courage we planted a few weeks ago and trust our inner guidance. All can be healed, all is possible

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