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Full Moon | Guru Purnima

The Full Moon on July 3 marks Guru Purnima a time when the Full Moon (Mind) transits Purva Ashada in Sagittarius — a time to honor our teachers. In Sanskrit Guru = Teacher + Purnima = Full Moon. A guru is meant to remove the obstacles of darkness or lack of knowledge by imparting wisdom. Consider expressing your gratitude and deepest thanks to your teachers today either in ritual or directly.

Mars (strength) has also moved into Leo after 2 months in Cancer. In Cancer (a water sign) Mars is debilitated and doesn’t express its full strength, actually, it functions with disadvantage. When Mars is debilitated, the opportunity for arguing or fighting for the wrong reasons seems to be primed. Cancer is the area where our feelings seem to be on the outside of our skin and get hurt easily - potentially acting out in a reactionary way.

When Mars transits in Leo (another fire sign) we are able to be a little more focused with our energies and work towards building our kingdom instead of destroying it. We may start to notice the ability to move forward with purpose whereas the last few months we may not have felt any sense of traction or desire to push along.

Keep in mind the transit from Cancer (Water) to Leo (Fire) is a gap point called gandanta - there is no real smooth transition here and is felt pretty abruptly. Where this gandanta point is for you depends on your ascendent the area of life these two signs rule. If you would like to know, book a reading with me at www.SoulSankalpa.com.

In and of the light,


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