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Full Moon in Sidereal Capricorn | August 2023

Full Moon in Capricorn (Aug 1) 1:32PM CST

Venus Retrograde (til Sept 3)

Mars in Leo (Aug 18)

Mercury in Leo (Oct 1)

In the sign of Capricorn, we naturally seek safety, are generally more conservative and prefer order. The planet Saturn (isolation) governs this sign and provides this restrictive feeling. This Full Moon (the Mind and emotions at their highest point) and Saturn's influence blend, joining forces. This expression is in the Shravana Nakshatra (star constellation) and has the power to change the collective consciousness (Moon) or opinions as Shravana's superpower is bringing us together.

The way we are feeling (Full Moon) may drive us to create structures or boundaries that we think will make us feel safe. This may mean we may find ourselves taking on new responsibilities, or realigning ourselves with routines that give us a sense of support. Starting a yoga practice or sadhana will bring you to the true 'safety' you may be seeking. Your true North is within and making the commitment to going deeper into your connection with the Divine is a gift to yourself.

VenusRx (relations) is backed up in Leo and may have us feeling as if we are being taken for granted (true or not) or that we aren't level with our partners. This is something to watch as Mars (bold and powerful) in fiery Leo gives us the potential for major aggression or spouting off. Mercury (communications) coupled with Mars can give us a bold, external expression that may need to be filtered before it comes out. Pause to breathe before we speak.

- Moon (feelings)

- Saturn (discipline and self-control)

- Venus (happiness / senses)

- Mars (self-will)

- Mercury (intelligence)

Going into the latter half of summer, reflect on what we intended just 30 days ago and if it has come as we expected. Do what you need to in order to grow - outside of the comfort zone. My wish for you all is to have peace, ease of heart and joy. Much love, D #astrology #vedicastrology #sacred108 #hinduastrology #predictiveastrology #fullmoon #vedas #yoga #meditation #alignment #love #insight #leo #intuitive #medium #allone #capricorn #dark #deepestfears #saturn #moon

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