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Full Moon in Sidereal Scorpio | June 2023

On June 3rd, 2023 CST, the Full Moon will be in Scorpio, bringing the Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon cycle to its peak. This transit teaches us about the connection between our sense of self and family, beauty, and the arts (Taurus), as well as the need to go deeper within ourselves to uncover and release our fears and insecurities (Scorpio Moon).

With the Moon in Scorpio, our emotional reactions may be obsessive, overly sensitive, fearful, and a little chaotic. To calm our minds and hearts, we can focus on our heart center and the bond that connects us to one another. By practicing daily rituals such as devotion, exercise, walking, prayer, meditation, or chanting, we may receive the grace to navigate these times and transits with ease.

Noteworthy current transits include:

  • Jupiter, Mercury, and Rahu in Aries (fire)

  • Venus and Mars in Cancer (water)

During this time, we may experience a renewed spark of inspiration or desire to learn or teach, perhaps even to an obsessive degree. With the intention of higher-minded devotion, we can release attachment to the outcome and move forward in our own growth.

With our relationships and actions influenced by the tender placement of Cancer, it's important to take a step back and examine whether we are seeing things clearly and whether our feelings are being blown out of proportion. Our feelings are a response to external and internal stimuli, but our actions often bring about the results of our feelings. Let's approach this time with an open mind and an open heart, and be willing to make adjustments and be the change we want to see.

Love one another and be kind.

(Art credit: https://rachaeldayart.com)

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