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Full Moon in Sidereal Taurus | December 2022

The Full Moon in Sidereal Taurus happens on December 7. This is where we are drawn to our creature comforts and become a little more rooted in our wants and in our homes. When the Moon (mind) moves through Taurus, it is exalted, which means that this is the best place for the Moon to express itself. When the Moon is here and it is joined with Mars, our emotional nature and sensitivity are at their highest. Mars, which represents strength, is still close to the earth (in retrograde) and showing its fire nature through action and potential for arguing. You might notice your thoughts are all over the place or that disputes and bickering are a little too easy to fall into.

The Sun (Soul) is in transit through Scorpio where our deeper thoughts and emotionally charged fears seem to bubble up. A healthy way to address our fears is to drop into quiet meditation, or curl up in a cozy way with the darkness the early evenings. The practice of going inward to get still brings a stability that we don't get when reaching externally for our peace and deeper connections.

Mercury (discernment) is joined Venus (happiness) in Sagittarius where we naturally seek higher meaning and the higher path in life. You may find yourself drawn to beautiful music, words or spiritual studies. Take the time to journal, read or rest. As we get closer to the winter solstice, this is a perfect time to slow down and review this past year.

Knowing how this transit impacts you requires an assessment of your birth chart, specific to you and your birth time. You can connect with me to set up a reading at www.soulsankala.com/book-online.

My wish for you is a restful, easeful, peaceful week.

In and of the light,


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