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Mercury Retrograde | December 2022

I’m late to the table on this one, but in a funny way, it’s a little retrograd-ey given I am repeating myself. Retrogrades are often feared and blamed by those who really want to exacerbate a story or are prone telling themselves that they are subject to the whim and energy of a planet and they have no responsibility in their own lives (which essentially makes one a victim). This is not entirely true. Of the few things I can really claim to know is that (1) a story is a story, just depends on how you write it, and (2) victims don’t get to be happy. So it is really our choice which story we tell.

Here's the thing --- Mercury in retrograde transit doesn’t ruin your life, make you lose your stuff, hex you, or trick you (country music song here?). Mercury’s energy is specific to our interests, mental stimulation, details, humor and discrimination. The energy of Mercury being closest to the earth interrupts (intensely) the areas of life that it rules (for you) and also in the sign where it is transiting in the sky currently. So it could bring about an intensity to interests, mental stimulation, details, humor and discrimination. It is really helpful to understand where this lies for you and is specific to you and your own personal birth chart - it is not a one-size-fits all transit.

It is very much suggested that we slow down, get deliberate and make sure we are acting from mindfulness to eliminate disruptions around these particular things in life during a retrograde transit -- and what better time to do this than the last day of 2022?

This Mercury retrograde is going between Sagittarius and Capricorn in the sidereal zodiac and this lends to seeking higher ground spiritual and emotionally and also to anchor into a sense of safety and security. Personally, I believe this is a very auspicious time to review 2022, get super clear about what you will co-create for yourself 2023 and connect and recommit to your beliefs.

I wish you a blessed day and upcoming new year. As we all prepare to set forward into 2023, consider being kind and instead of setting new year’s resolutions (which often tend to be source for self-flagellation later) try adding a new behavior or action in your day that would boost the spirit of others. One small action – like a smile to a stranger. One a day. Simple, free and easy.

See you in 2023!

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