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Full Moon in Sidereal Gemini | January 2023

On Friday, the Full Moon is in the Nakshatra of Purnavarsu, which is in the sidereal sign of Gemini. Purnavasu means "to return to light," and when the Moon (which represents our mind and feelings) moves through Gemini, we can feel sensitive about our sense of wonder, factchecking, or communication. Purnavasu and "coming back to the light" really mean "coming back to the light within." When we slow down enough to look inside, in our own hearts, we can grow and nurture hope. It's not something you can buy or eat; you have to develop it through stillness and experience. Luckily, this is available to all.

Gemini gives us ideas, makes us curious, and makes us want to learn more. When the Moon is at its fullest, it can't absorb any more light from the Sun, so it starts to get smaller for the next cycle. Here, we look back at the last two weeks to see if the seeds of trying to find our truth that we planted at the New Moon in Sagittarius have grown. Were we right? Did we keep coming back to thinking about the good things, or did we let fear take over? Be honest with yourself and be ready to look over things seriously.

The Sun in Sagittarius, on the other hand, tells us to look at our beliefs and our essential identity (Sun). This review is naturally being done because Mercury is moving backwards and the Sun is transiting Sagittarius. The Sun (Soul)  may be looking for new truths or at least pushing against what we already "know." Most of the time, we don't grow until we start to question what we believe and try to bring the head and the heart into unity.

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