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New Moon in Sidereal Leo | August 2022

New Moon in Leo (Aug 26)

Mercury to Virgo (Aug 20)

Venus in Leo (Aug 31)

This New Moon in Leo is in the Nakshatra of Magha, which draws us to our past and feel a surge of ancestral or tribal pride. Digging into our ancestry and familial ties and reflecting on Who are is an overarching theme during the next few days. We inherit our genealogy from our ancestors but our spirits come from the Great One, God, Universal Source. In Magha—which means "the Great" or "the Bountiful"—we can almost feel those who came before us and may be able to intentionally draw on their experience and knowledge.

A throne is a sign of Magha, and this symbolism leads us to our "place" on the planet—our Royal location. Where do you fit in this? What will you leave for your offspring? Bring yourself into the line of direct knowledge during meditation with intention, then communicate what you've discovered to your lineage and the people you have an impact on. Seek lessons that will advance your progress and reveal parts of yourself you have been knowingly or unknowingly trying to integrate.

(Artist: Unknown)

Mercury (discerning and curious) has moved to Virgo on August 16 and is exalted here. In Virgo, Mercury bringing communications and clear thinking back online. The ability to forge a new way with our thoughts supports this review of our familial connections and perhaps the release of ancient, generational traumas we didn't know where being held within our body systems. Perfect time to do a deeper dive of somatic therapy, journaling or ancestry research.

On August 31, Venus (desires) will enter Leo, the sign where our desire and happiness are most vividly expressed. Things move quickly in Leo, so it's best to be careful about how we try to achieve happiness and indulge our senses. Going for a walk would be a good idea since this fire sign can stoke the flames of desire and here we are really looking to elevate our ability to find the internal joy.

- Mercury (curiosity)

- New Moon (feelings)

- Venus (happiness, desires)

Sow the seeds of your ambitions in this new moon cycle's fertile ground to reap the rewards in the upcoming full moon. Wishing you all peace, ease of heart and joy.

Much love,


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