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New Moon in Taurus - Venus + Rahu in Aries

Sidereal Zodiac | Vedic Astrology

When the Moon (the mind) is at its darkest phase (a new Moon) we are seeding for our future, priming our experiences for this next 30-day cycle of growth. In Vedic astrology this new Moon transit is in Taurus, where we slow down and try and enjoy the things that bring us comfort (family, friends, food, music and nature). Taurus is the feminine expression (internal) of Venus (desires) and it is important that we nourish ourselves – not expect the actions or words of others to take place of self-care.

The two other planets also in Taurus when the Moon is dark are Mercury (intelligence) and Sun (vitality). Mercury slows its retrograde and will go direct on June 3 where we see less intensity and clearer communication all the way around. I wrote recently about the latest retrograde cycle here: Mercury RX.

Knowing this is the time to create intentions for our next 30-day cycle, get very clear and specific about your desires and the actions you are willing to take to support them.

Keep in mind that Venus (our happiness) has joined Rahu (where everything is exacerbated) in Aries ruled by Mars (where we take action). Said simply, we may overreact and get caught up in self and attached to our happiness – be aware that we may easily get hot with passion and life. Take care in not being reckless or triggered. Venus stays here until June 16.

Saturn (ambitions or sense of time) will go retrograde in Aquarius on June 4th and bring about intensity specific to social structures and also to our routines we’ve set up to ‘keep us on track’ and feeling safe. This is a very good time to take the plunge within and renew the devotional practices you may have tabled for a while (yoga, pranayamic breathing, meditation or devotional practices).

If you would like to know where these planets are placed in your birth chart so you can work with this current transit – I’m happy to get you a copy of your chart. If you are seeking to go deeper, we can review your chart in a reading.

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