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Yes, Mercury is in Retrograde. No, Your Life Isn't Falling Apart.

(artist @rachaeldayart)

MERCURY RX from MAY 10 – JUNE 3. I am aware that many will use this transit as an unformed way of proclaiming why they struggle with What Is within their lives. I see over and over that when Mercury retrogrades (appears to transit backward, but really gets closest to earth) it gets too much of the wrong type of attention based on lack of information. We must look at the whole picture, at all the details of each transit (and personal birth chart) such as:

1. What sign is the transit happening in?

2. What planets are aspecting Mercury?

3. How is Mercury faring in my chart (debilitated or doing well?)

4. What houses does it rule? (depends on your ascendent in vedic astrology)

5. What house is this MerRx transit for me?

This particular transit takes place in Taurus which is ruled by Venus and where we anchor into our senses and pleasure. Venus rules our relationships with each other and this internally charged Venus ruled house bringing the desire for deeper communication. We seek balance here and are driven by our senses. We may retrace and review our dialog, trying to create harmony and strengthen our communication bonds. You may be reconnected with past relationships and have opportunity to experience them in a very positive way, but it does depend on your own internal self-talk and what you are willing to see as ‘your part.’ Own it, be kind, release what doesn’t serve your highest wellbeing. It isn’t the transit – it’s you sweet one.

It really can be a good thing to take the time to go inward and reflect on our communication styles. What house does it rule for you? Send me a note and I can tell you what areas of your life it will impact or you can set up a reading here: Book Online with D.

Follow my YouTube channel to stay connected for a high-level updates. Be well.

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