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Lunar Eclipse in Sidereal Aries | November 2022

On November 8, 2022, at 5:02 a.m. CT, there will be a lunar eclipse, which is when the Earth's shadow falls on the Moon. Eclipses are a time to deepen and renew your spirituality by checking in on your alignment with your dharmic path and reminding you to go within and connect with higher vibrations. I would not put your crystals in the moonlight for recharging – this is not advised. Historically, one stays indoors during an eclipse to avoid the disconnect of the loving illumination of the Moon.

This lunar eclipse is happening in Aries, which could make your feelings, thoughts, and actions boil over way faster than you’d like or expect. Your opinions and sense of self-will may be too strong. Watch out for the tendency to argue and to want to say or have the last word/thought in a conversation or text battle.

Mars is currently retrograde in Gemini, which makes things even more challenging in the areas of life that Mars rules. Keep in mind that Mars governs at least two and maybe even three parts of everyone's lives. How you experience this depends on your Vedic ascendent. If you are a Gemini, Mars rules your 6th house, which is about hard work and responsibilities, and your 11th house, which is about money. Mars also rules wherever it is in your birth chart (do you know where that is?). These areas could be ‘character building’ and this timing could lead to karmas ripening instigating a growth cycle for you.

If you are uncomfortable, seek to go within and perhaps seek out a teacher or guide you would like to emulate and learn about universal principles. If you work for the highest good of all, you are on your way to to connecting in a divine way and bringing some peace and order to the world.

In and of the light,


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