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Full Moon in Sidereal Cancer | February 2023

Tomorrow at 12:29 PM CDT the Moon (connections) will be at its fullest expression in Cancer based on the sidereal zodiac used in vedic astrology. The Moon (our mental and emotional capacity) is most sensitive when it is full, allowing us to access our feeling nature and tenderness. Full of watery, emotional energy here in Cancer, and in the star constellation of Ashlesha  this is where the Moon piques at capacity.  Ashlesha (one meaning is the entwiner) is like the serpent at the base of the spine much like kundalini and how energy rises from the sacrum up through to the crown of the head. This transit of the Moon can bring with it emotional restlessness or fluctuations in our nervous systems as it unfolds.   Depending on how well we have been caring for our emotional, bodily, and spiritual selves, this placement may feel like a gift or a burden. The way the Moon expresses in our natal birth charts has a significant impact on how we interpret this transit as well.

The Moon is currently receiving full energy directly from Jupiter (intelligence) and the Sun (our Soul),  called as aspecting, which may make us feel a little more upbeat or in tune with our intuition.

Spend the following several days undertaking an internal evaluation, letting go of intrusive thoughts and behavior patterns, and assessing whether movement of the body can help balance your physical, mental, and emotional states until you feel naturally balanced again. This is also a very beautiful time to rest and restore given we are just at the halfway point of winter and spring. 

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