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Full Moon in Sidereal Capricorn | August 2022

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Full Moon in Capricorn (Aug 11) 8:36PM CST

Mars to Taurus (Aug 10)

Sun in Leo (Aug 16)

In Capricorn, where we naturally desire structure, safety, and order, the Saturn (isolation) and Full Moon (the Mind and emotions at their highest point) join forces. This expression in the Shravana Nakshatra (star constellation) has the power to change the collective consciousness or opinion. This is so because Shravana and Capricorn are both ruled by the Moon, and the Moon is receptive and Saturn is steadfast in this area.

(Artist: Unknown)

Our sentiments (Full Moon) could be more aimed at wanting to construct boundaries (Capricorn) or structures that help us feel comfortable. Saturn (confronting fears) is also collected in Capricorn (searching for safety). This could involve making new commitments, cutting ties with people who are not helpful to our development, or realigning ourselves with routines that make us feel supported. It's a idea to start a yoga practice or sadhana that will help you reconnect with the Divine and yourself right away.

Mars (bold and powerful) has left Aries and will settle down in Taurus where we ease into practicality. Since June 26 Mars was joined with Rahu exacerbating our willingness to fight and want to have the last word. The internal intensity that we felt will now lift a bit - you may have already noticed. (YAY!)

On August 16, the Sun (Self) will enter Leo, the sign where our uniqueness is most strongly exhibited, depending on the Sun's placement in your birth chart. The Sun represents our true selves, our power source, and our capacity for self-giving. The Sun has several focal points, including work, duty, and responsibility.

- Sun (Self)

- Moon (feelings)

- Saturn (discipline and self-control)

- Mars (self-will)

As we step into the last bit of summer, reflect on what we intended just 30 days ago and if it has come to pass. Decide if you need to realign your goals and ambitions to parallel and support your true desires. My wish for you all is to have peace, ease of heart and joy.

Much love,


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