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Eclipse Season, Big Moves April 2023

April 2023 is a powerful month for changes! Here’s the layout.

April 6th Venus (happiness) moved to Taurus (its home!)

April 14th the Sun (Self/Soul) moves into Aries (its home!)

April 19th Solar (Sun/Soul) eclipse

April 21st Mercury (Communication) Retrograde (we know, we know)

April 21st Jupiter (Hope) into Aries

Venus in Taurus on April 6th

On April 6th, Venus shifted into the sign of Taurus. Venus (beauty) is where we seek comforts through our senses, generally being drawn to imbibe whether in relationships, food, music – you get it. Taurus is where seek material comfort, but we can also get weighed down in our creature comforts (Netflix binging, overeating, over-sexualizing) so keep this in mind.

Sun in Aries on April 14th

On April 14th, the Sun (Self) moved into the sign of Aries, where it is at home and exalted. This means it expresses at its highest – like a good neighborhood. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is associated with new beginnings, courage, and independence. During this time, you might feel more alive and full of energy -- you might want to take action and make things happen but we also want to be balanced, full of awareness to cut down on making rash decisions and acting impulsively.

Solar Eclipse on April 19th

In vedic astrology eclipses are generally considered inauspicious and meant to be a time for going inward, avoiding activities that require major decisions. The recommendation is that we withdraw into spiritual practices, slowing and becoming still and meditative. Cosmically, we are cut off from the Sun, the source of all light, and metaphysically we are light beings. We may not have the same amount insight or connectivity we would like to have in our daily lives during this time so double-down with your practices. We need to experience darkness to understand the light which grooms us for spiritual growth and transformation.

This eclipse takes place in Aries which is ruled by Mars. Mars (actions) which brings with it the potential to have growth opportunities around our own personal power and conflict. Notice any call to rise against leadership or authority. Keep in mind that the effects of an eclipse can be felt for weeks or even months afterward.

Mercury Rx on April 21st

Mercury is retrograde on April 21 and given we hear all about this phenomenon in the sky, I would like to say this isn’t an excuse for our discomfort in life. Yes, Mercury is our communication and discernment and here in Aries it is a very good reminder to PAUSE, take that deep breath and re-consider: Does it need to be said? Does it need to be said by Me? Does it need to be said by me right now?

Jupiter in Aries April 21st

Jupiter’s (hope) transition from its home base of Pisces to Aries isn’t especially comfortable and we may notice how we are fluctuating between feeling like “I got this” to “Wait. What?” but again, a good time to reconnect with divinity and our true nature through spiritual practices unite and integrate all parts and aspects of us (mind, body, spirit). That’s what it’s all about anyway.

In it together! In and of the light, D

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