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New Moon in Sidereal Sagittarius | Inspiration is Within

On December 23rd we will have a new Moon. When the Moon (our consciousness) is at its darkest, farthest from the Sun, it is called a New Moon, and it is a good time to withdraw from the hustle and bustle and hunker down for reflection and restoration.

Winter solstice, the longest night of the year (or the shortest day of the year, depending on your perspective), happened just yesterday. Nature is trying to tell us that we should retreat, reflect, and find peace. We've been trying to shift our state of mind, our goals, and our actions in the hopes of getting back into the groove and rediscovering and evolving ourselves. The December 23rd New Moon in Sagittarius provides us assurance and trust that we may rise above the murky depths and blossom into greater dimensions and energies than we ever thought imaginable. When we act in accordance with Divine Truth, we can do anything.

With the new Moon in Sagittarius, we can expect to feel optimistic and even inspired, but in order to turn those feelings into reality, we must operate from integrity and honesty.

There is reason for optimism today, since four planets are located in Sagittarius. In the sign where we are trying to evolve and reach a higher level of consciousness, the Moon (representing the mind), Mercury (representing intelligence or a lack thereof), Venus (representing our happiness), and the Sun (representing our power) all conjoin. There will be many expressions of these planets' energies in the areas of your life ruled by this sign, and they will all be unique to you.

This holy and sacred season I'm sending you all my very best.

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