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Sidereal Aries + New Moon in May 2021 + Into Action

Today’s new moon is in sidereal Aries – the sign at the beginning of the zodiac. This is the perfect place to kickstart a new project, a purification process or recommit to a physical or personal spiritual practice that has gone by the wayside. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars – which is a fiery, strong and disciplined place and truly is meant to evolve you in alignment with your soul’s dharma.

Now is the perfect time to review your current behaviors, relationships and connections to see if you are ‘walking the walk’ and working towards bringing your desires into form or if you are just ‘talking the talk’ without taking the the actions to support your visions and dreams. We are not able to take the steps towards our dreams without the action, discipline, intuition and in this fire of the Mars we are at prime time! Taking the steps towards your dreams also requires courage and surrender – which may seem like an oxymoron, but each are required for the other to come into fruition. The new Moon in Aries is the beginning of the cycle (Aries through Pisces) and supports new beginnings.

The Sun represents your true nature, your confidence and your power. The Sun is also in Aries right now and this is where it is exalted – this is the VERY best placement for the Sun during transit. Deep down we just really want to know our true selves (Sun) and with the support of Aries/Mars we can focus this energy and bring about refinement and clarity.

With the Sun in Aries it shows which area of your life you are either feeling powerful or powerless, depending on the nature of the Sun in your chart. For a sidereal Cancer ascendent this is their 10th house (career, public status and skills) and would most likely indicate the Cancer ascendent is feeling they are in their groove with some self-confidence, or that they are demanding accolades — again, depending on where the individual is on the journey and other factors in the chart.

Use this fiery energy to your advantage to clear, refine or reduce whatever supports your highest spiritual evolution. New Moon = New Beginnings. Let's get to it.

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