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Pileup in Capricorn + New Moon Vibes

The Sun (the Self) and New Moon (the Mind and emotions at its darkest hour) join in Capricorn where we are naturally seeking structure, safety and order. In the Nakshatra (star constellation) of Shravana this is expressed with the potential of shifting mass opinions or consciousness. This is because both Moon rules Shravana and Saturn rules Capricorn – the Moon is receptive and Saturn is steady here. We may see global or mass redirect in thinking or consciousness on a particular matter -- Spotify anyone?

Saturn (facing fears) and MercuryRx (discrimination) are also gathered in Capricorn (looking for safety) and this could feel like: Our communication (MerRx) and feelings (New Moon) could be more directed at trying to create boundaries (Capricorn) or structures that help us feel safe. This could be seeking new commitments, letting go of old connections that do not serve our growth or realigning ourselves with practices that help us feel that we are supported. Now is a great time to ease into a sadhana or yogic practice that truly brings you back to Self and Divine.

To remember – this transit may have you feeling that you need a sense of security and safety, but remember deep down, this actually comes from you and the only suffering we really experience is in our minds or in the past.

- Sun (Self)

- Moon (feelings)

- Mercury Rx (review of communications)

- Saturn (solitude and self-control)

Use these next few days as a natural conduit to remember that you are here as a diving being, meant to support those around you for the benefit of ???? You get to fill in the blanks. I’d love to hear what you are here supporting.

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