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New Moon in Pushya - Positive Efforts

This first half of 2020 has been tumultuous, to say the least. Providing opportunity after opportunity to go within, to stretch and to turn over stones in the path of spiritual and evolutionary development, perhaps shifting beliefs or ways of thinking. This New Moon may feel like we are at the edge of a new stepping stone of support.

The New Moon in Pushya (pushya means to nourish) gives us the loving, supportive boost we may need in our growth. This placement of the Moon is considered one of the most auspicious of the lunar mansions for spiritual development. When the Moon is dark (as in a new moon) we begin again - we start afresh with our own inner wisdom and cleansing of our psyche and ability to connect deeper with our own dharma (cosmic truth or law).

When we plant our seeds of new growth in this nakshatra (star constellation) take note if you are following the call of your dharma. This is a beneficial time to start a new business or practice when aligned with cosmic truth and keeping the intentions pure.

If you would like a more detailed understanding of this New Moon, it is important to understand how the Moon is in your chart. To book a reading with me head to https://www.soulsankalpa.com/bookings-checkout/birth-chart-reading/book and schedule a time. Happy new beginnings!

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