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New Moon in Libra - Happy Diwali

Happy New Moon in Libra. This is also Diwali, the Festival of Lights as practiced as a Hindu tradition marking the celebration of light over darkness, good over evil. The rites include lighting lights and lamps as a symbol of bringing the Sun into our lives and hearts. Another includes placing Ganesh and Lakshmi at the top of an altar on top of rice or grains with a lotus flower drawn on top to usher in abundance and remove obstacles. Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and Ganesh the remover of obstacles. We can set our hearts to making a new start, even when it feels to be the darkest.

The Moon (our mind) is at its darkest point in the lunation cycle and the Sun (our soul) is in a debilitated placement in Libra . It is joined Mercury (our intelligence) and Mars (our strength). This cluster of planets may cause us to fight our feelings, react too quickly and maybe slightly indecisive – unsure of what we ‘want’ and we should step forward with care and kindness to all.

The reason the Sun is debilitated is because it is at its weakest placement in the zodiac when it is in Libra (air element). The Sun is our Soul, or the Atman (the one without another) and in Libra it is challenged to bring forth its power and strength – Libra is where we often waiver when it comes to decisions or action. Imagine your true Self moving through a placement where we have trouble determining ‘what next’ and how we respond. Do you naturally double-down with prayer or a yoga practice or seize up with indecision?

Take the time to reflect on what light you can be in the world, what you can offer and make the conscious choice to move forward in love and in light and see how that impacts those around you.

Happy Diwali and much love and light.

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