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New Moon in Libra - Happy Diwali

Tomorrow brings the New Moon in Libra, together with the Sun and Mercury. The Moon (our mind) is at its darkest point in the lunation cycle and the Sun (our soul) is in a debilitated placement in Libra and with Mercury (our intelligence). These planets together may cause us to feel our feelings deeply, perhaps slightly indecisive – unsure of what we ‘want’ and with a need act with care.

The reason the Sun is debilitated is because it is at its weakest placement in the zodiac when it is in Libra (air element). The Sun is our Soul, or the Atman (the one without another) and in Libra it is challenged to bring forth its power and strength – Libra is where we often waiver when it comes to decisions or action. Imagine your true Self moving through a placement where we have trouble determining ‘what next’ and add a little fire and air? Have you seen any of this lately?

Venus (our happiness) in Virgo can feel that we are seeking happiness in places where criticism overflows (whether internal criticism or external) and we have to relax ourselves here in Virgo (earth element) to allow for our hearts to open softly and not seek approvals through others, but in service – without attachment to outcomes.

Jupiter (our hopes) is in Sagittarius (where it rules – this means it feels good here) and gives us the sense that maybe something can be learned, that when we seek higher ground, we can see transformation just around the corner.

Saturn (our pressures or determination) is in Capricorn (also where it rules) is where we would like to avoid pain, stress and fear. Capricorn likes to ‘collect’ and ‘hold onto’ things – trying to make it feel safe – and we know this is futile if we are to live happy, joyous and free. Surrendering to the ultimate is how we find peace. As Saturn is in its own house, we may feel more successful if we seek to deepen our spiritual practices instead of using resources to make us feel ‘better’.

This is a very auspicious time to plan, clean and reset. The New Moon in November marks Diwali (also called Deepwali). Diwali is an Indian celebration and is celebrated often with festival of lights. The lights indicate the beginning of a new year for those who celebrate – plans for a new start, during the darkest times. The lights or oil lamps are symbolizing our ascent from spiritual darkness to connection to divine.

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