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Full Moon in Cancer | January 2022 | Retrograde Cycles

Today at 5:51 PM CDT the Moon will be at its fullest expression in Cancer based on the sidereal zodiac used in vedic astrology. The differences between the sidereal zodiac and tropical zodiac have to do with precise measurements, calendaring and a few other items. The sidereal zodiac is accurately measuring the distances between the stars (nakshatras) and the the planets proper.

When the Moon (mind and emotional capacity) is full it is at its most reflective, giving us the ability to get into our deepest sensing - perhaps feeling tender ourselves. Full of watery, emotional energy here in Cancer, in the star constellation of Pushya (meaning to nourish), we are granted us opportunity for our deepest spiritual development. This placement may feel like a gift or a burden depending on how well we have been taking care of our emotional, physical and spiritual being. How we experience this transit also has much to do with how the Moon expresses in our natal birth charts.

Both Mercury (discernment) and Venus (our happiness) are currently in a retrograde cycle bringing intensity and disruption to these areas of our lives. To be clear, retrograde cycles bring intensity to the non-living areas the planet rules and disruption to the living areas. For example, Mercury rules (among other items) our communication and our intelligence. During a retrograde cycle we will have ‘reviews’ or ‘retreats’ with respect to older issues, projects or paradigms that deserve our attention and a fresh perspective, which in turn provide opportunity for new development.

Watch the Mars transit - having just gone through a gandanta point (the last 3.20 degrees of a water sign to the first 3.20 degrees of a fire sign) from watery Scorpio to fire-like and inspired Sagittarius. When a Mars gandanta transit happens we see global events like tsunamis or earthquakes (or volcano eruptions in Tonga) as Mars is the ‘action’ planet.

Take the next few days to follow the path of internal review, shedding the unnecessary thought and behavior patterns and see if body-movement helps steady the physical, mental and emotional until you feel naturally back into balance.

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