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April 2021 - New Moon in Pisces - Are you letting go?

Today the New Moon is in Pisces (sidereal zodiac) a water sign, ruled by the planet Jupiter (faith, expansion and mysticism). The symbol for Pisces is two fish – mouth to tail meant to represent yin and yang and one end leading to another. Pisces is technically the last sign in the wheel of the sidereal zodiac — the first sign is Aries, second is Taurus and so on. In this water sign of Pisces, this is where all efforts seem to melt away and we tend to join into universal, seeking higher purpose or on the other end of the spectrum, seeking liberation from all parts of life. We should keep an eye on our hearts and emotions here where there is a tendency to lose ourselves in ‘feeling’ everything, going deep. Wherever Pisces is located for you in your chart (ex. 1st house = Self, 7th house = relationships, etc.) is where this New Moon will be guiding your inner landscape towards mysticism, faith, escapism. Also something to look at is how Jupiter is placed in your chart – if it is weak, strong, debilitated or exalted as this will also dictate how Pisces and planetary transits will feel to you.

The New Moon in joined by Mercury which supports our communication and creativity, even though Mercury is debilitated here (it has struggles to hold onto details when it really wants to just let go of everything) . The Sun is also in Pisces giving us the chance to take a deeper review of our power or our Soul.

We are naturally drawn to a bit of escapism when the Moon is transiting Pisces but we have choices in how we escape: will you weave your meditation practice into the realm of mysticism and devotion or will you pick up the remote and and zone out on Netflix? Naturally, the intentional practice of aligning our energy with the divine and fostering loving kindness will provide the higher, spiritual path rather than getting ‘lost’ and disengaging from life. We’ve incarnated in human form to receive actual feedback to help us grow spiritually and to learn our lessons — either slowly or quickly.

The New Moon is the time for renewal – a planting of the seed of intentions as we start this next 30 day cycle. Reassess what brings you to higher truth while keeping you engaged in the world. The next sign after Pisces is Aries – where we begin again, with fire and with enthusiasm seeking action. Be gentle with yourself, aware and intentional with your thoughts, words and actions to foster growth along spiritual lines.

To understand your chart and current planetary alignment go to https://www.soulsankalpa.com/book-online to book a reading with me.

Much love and sending ease of heart.

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