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Troubling Times - Return to your True Nature

These are crazy times. We hope to make it through to the other side with minimal damage. We are under immense pressure, intensity and quite a bit of uncertainty. Today Jupiter (higher teachings) has moved into Capricorn where it is debilitated which could lead us to feeling a bit hopeless and losing faith. But it is joined Mars where Mars (self-will, discipline) is exalted and does really well along with Saturn (in its own house ruler – creates stability). What does this mean? During these next few weeks, we may waver on feeling hopeless and lost, but can make the choice, take the action to bring ourselves back to center. Mars and Saturn can help us persevere in the face of incredible challenge and grow into ways we hadn’t thought possible, but we have to be willing and strong enough to make the first move.

We, ourselves, can directly impact our own potential for health and wellness by making the higher-minded decisions to not eat processed foods, too much meat, dairy and sugar. We have created inflammation and hospitable environments for hosts of dis-Eases, hormonal reactions and bodily exhaustion. Try to support yourself spiritually as well as physically. Go inward, take an honest look at your contribution to your wellness and how you support others on their wellness journey. Don't you think we can all do a little better? I'm pretty sure we can - but this is a 'we' planet and supporting our brothers and sisters, loving one another is vital, but moot if we don't support ourselves.

This is a bumpy road we are on her for the next few months and it is going to get different for sure. If you’d like to understand how your chart impacts you or would like to return to a system that is balanced with minimal stress, email me at daryl@soulsankalpa.com for a vedic astrology reading and/or an ayurvedic assessment and plan. I’m offering discounted rates during these trying times because my wish is to help anyone who wants it. Not anyone who needs it, but for those who really want it. I’m wishing you health, compassion and the discipline for right action.

Artist Credit: Rachael Day

Model: @leahlivefree

Photo: @reikimarco

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