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Solar Eclipse Sidereal Taurus - Nakshatra of Mrigashira

Today closes the loop on the New Moon and Solar Eclipse cycle we started on May 25th with the Sun being eclipsed in Mrigashira. The Sun is our Self, our highest and truest form and when it is overshadowed by the eclipse it causes confusion and potential erratic behavior, perception or energy. When the New Moon was in sidereal Scorpio this started us looking for a deeper understanding of what causes our hurts, fears and trying to undo those patterns in our lives.

This eclipsed Sun is in the star constellation Mrigashira, which symbol is a deer. One of the greatest stories is told in the great epic, the Ramayana, is about Sita and a golden deer by which she becomes enchanted and HAS to have. Deer are continuously seeking and searching but do tend to travel the predictable path. One born under this star constellation may be the life-long seeker, driven to seek higher pursuits and tend to be overly cautious. An individual born under this constellation may actually have deer-like feathers - doe eyes, delicate features and may seem skittish.

The Sun being obscured here can cloud our true path forward to unpacking that which we started to look at during Scorpio’s New Moon - blurring what we ‘thought we were seeking’ a few weeks ago. This means that in the day leading up to this eclipse and today, we may discover what we have been pushing for, or pulling away from isn’t actually within the formula for our highest development nor for our highest good. Staying on track with devotional practices and seeking God/Goddess/Source within (and without) will bring us to center and help us stay on course.

With Mercury (intelligence) retrograde and expressing intensity, Rahu (obsessive thought), Sun (self) and Moon (mind) all in Taurus will impact how we perceive our stepping back into ‘regular-life’, our connection to family, friends and our solid practices. Consciously bring all of these energies into harmony and ground yourself in order to bring about tangible results in your life and environment.

Each of these planets express differently for each individual based upon your own birth chart. To know more about your planets’ dignities and how they are expressing and where specifically they are in your chart, book a reading with me.

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