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Saturn Retrograde – May 23rd through October 11th

Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn in the star constellation of Sravana (power of divine guidance and listening). Saturn, the outermost planet visible to the naked eye, is considered a malefic planet – the planet of destruction, death and disease but because of this also allows for determination and the ability to move forward. We know that in order for something to grow, something else must be destroyed. Think of the seed: in order for sprouting and rooting to happen, the seed is destroyed in the process.

Saturn governs boundaries, commitments, the elderly, time and authority (among other things). When a planet appears to retrograde in the sky it is astronomically closer to the earth and its energetic impact is intensified and creates confusion in these areas of our lives and where Saturn rules for us in our charts. It is important to know that during a transit, a retrograde planet may disrupt living significators of that planet. For instance, Saturn Rx may disrupt relationships for a Cancer ascendent.

Now and for the next several months we will be called to review our current boundaries, structures and authority – while it may initially feel like a challenge to realign with our dharma (our truth) the act of taking action will bring us closer to deeper peace and ease. Go within, listen (Sravana) and cultivate the connection to spirit and self to allow for grace to unfold within your life.

To understand how Saturn is impacting you and what it rules in your chart, connect with me for a reading here: Book with Daryl

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