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Power in Healing - New Moon in Ashwini

On April 22, 2020 at 9:25 CST we enter the new Moon cycle is Aries within the Nakshatra of Ashwini. The new Moon signifies the beginning of the next lunar cycle and marks the beginning placement for our intentions to seed, cultivate, root and produce.

One of Ashwini’s symbols is a horse’s head which is powerful, sensitive and relates to mental alertness. Ashwini is placed at the beginning of the Zodiac in Aries (Pisces, our desire for liberation and endings, was the sign before-the last in the Zodiac), and this rebirth provides speed, agility and directness. The deities who preside over this nakshatra are brothers called Dashra and Nasatya ~ which means “to bring help” and “truthfulness.” These brothers were on a mission to help others and were known to have supernatural powers and the ability to heal any disease.

The Moon is our capacity for connectedness and ability to nurture that which needs nurturing. These days we are at the ‘next level’ for growth opportunities and development – some very lonely, some tired of their cramped living situations and many of us are digging deep to understand how we will come through well and what the new paradigm will look like. Will we be less connected? Will we be closer? How can we heal the planet? How can we heal ourselves?

We can make the decision to harness the power and strength of Ashwini and use the mind as a means to bring about nurturing, restoration and care instead of letting the mind run off like a horse without a rider, skittish and jumpy. We are supported in our healing and ability to receive in this cycle and would benefit to consider Ayurveda as a healing modality or meditation to restore the central nervous system (and the subtle, energetic realms). Connect with me if you wish to take a deeper dive into Ayurveda.

In May we face several planetary changes and we can benefit from taking this next 30-day cycles inward and using the healing abilities of Ashwini for the benefit of all.

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