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Partial Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon in Taurus

Quick update based on the sidereal zodiac talking about the Moon (our Mind) is expressing in Taurus (our comforts) and is exalted in this placement, but it is connected to Rahu which lends to immature thoughts and feelings. Consider going inward keeping in line with our seasons and the partial eclipse.-- Remember, keep your crystals INDOORS during a lunar eclipse.


  • Keep your crystals indoors during the partial lunar eclipse. Usually, charging them under the Full Moon is juicy and desirable, but when there is a shadow or withdraw from the light, this energy would be cast on your stones.

  • Fluctuations of the Mind/Emotions run up and down, or actually become stuck. Let that stuff go!!

  • Feeling safe comes from you remembering your connection to all things, not from others, nor from buying things. Slow yourself, nurture yourself and ease into and out of your comfort zone.

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