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New Moon in Virgo - All Clear!

According to the sideral zodiac, today’s New Moon in Virgo just moved into the star constellation called Uttara Phalguni whose symbol is the back 2 legs of a bed. This transit brings our ability to come out of the Leo placement where we were feeling like royalty, perhaps entitled and even a little ‘grand’ to a more subdued, sweet, friendly placement. This symbol of the back two legs of a bed is like a day bed, or a couch where contemplation and strategy can shift from ruling a kingdom to fine-tuning details. We are now able to look at our lives and current tasks and step into action and commitment with insight.

This New Moon is with the Sun (our Soul) and Mercury (our intellect, speech) in the sign of Virgo. Mercury is exalted in the sign of Virgo and its expression is at its best showing our intelligence, our discernment, and curiosity being at its peak.

The New Moon is our capacity for feeling into what we would like to develop and cultivate in the next lunar cycle. Going inward during this time, check in with your highest Self and hold steady so you can become very clear about where you would like to place your energy and if it is truly meant to serve your highest purpose. Organize and clear away the pieces of distraction you were ‘treating yourself to’ last month to give yourself the freedom to plant yourself on a path of planning for the future.

  • Jupiter (Knowledge) is now moving forward in its own sign bringing about a sense of hope and pure teachings.

  • Mars (Vital Force) is retrograde* in its own sign challenging us to hold a lid on our own aggression and recklessness.

  • Saturn (Isolation/Stress) is retrograde in its own sign providing the pressure we need to construct or review our long-term goals and commitments.

This is a time for deep renewal and recalibration of our true intentions for walking the path during this time. We receive clear insight and the support to do so - just remember to cap the potential for explosiveness or arguing.

Sending light and love to all.

*retrograde gives a planet extreme intensity and gives us opportunity to ‘review’

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