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New Moon in Sidereal Cancer - Ashlesha Intensity

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

When the Moon (Mind) is it's darkest, (new Moon) we have the opportunity to dive deep into our next 30-day phase of growth. Tomorrow, on 8-8, the New Moon is in sidereal Cancer, specifically, the star constellation of Ashlesha (entwines or embracer) and its symbol is a serpent, ruled by Naga, the serpent king.

The sign of Cancer is where we are super sensitive, feeling raw and exposed. Maybe overly so. When the Moon is transiting here, its ruling house, we may feel this even more intensely and if we become emotionally entangled with our desires – we have the potential for even more imbalance. Be on the watch for feelings being overly intensified and see where you can disengage with the story in your head before playing out repetitive scenes that get you stuck.

The mind and emotional body may be going through these snake-like transitions having and have tendencies to:

· Slither, hide

· Represent cosmic transformation

· Deep mystical powers

· Venomous

· Outgrow experiences

Keep it simple, don’t fall for the story you are telling yourself, avoid victimization and blame. Ashlesha grants us intellectual and mental growth – lean into this gift and open yourself for the potential of seeing your part in a new way.

If you would like to understand how this New Moon impacts your life specifically book a reading with me.

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