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Mercury in Retrograde - YAY!?!

I think Mercury in retrograde gets too much of the wrong attention. When this happens we aren't looking at the finer details of transits such as:

  1. What sign is the transit happening in?

  2. What planets are aspecting Mercury?

  3. How is Mercury faring in my chart (debilitated or doing well?)

  4. What houses does it rule? (this depends on your ascendent in vedic astrology)

  5. What house is this MerRx transit for me?

This particular transit is in Libra where we have this intellectual, externally charged Venus ruled house bringing the desire for deeper communication. We seek balance here and are driven by our senses. We may be seeking dialog, trying to create harmony and strengthen our communication bonds. It really can be a good thing to take the time to go inward and reflect on our communication styles. What house does it rule for you? Send me a note and I can tell you what areas of your life it will impact or you can set up a reading here: Book Online with D. For me, this transit impacts my body (restarted exercising again and cut sugar), my work (I have been busy!) and my speech and direct environment.

Watch my video below and follow and like my YouTube channel to stay connected for a high-level updates. Be well and enjoy the reflections.

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