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Jupiter / Saturn Conjunction 2020 - Winter Solstice

Much has been posted about the upcoming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn (sideral zodiac) on December 21st. This may not be new information to you, but I’d like to provide a little insight on what impact it may have on us as a collective. It is the first time these two planets have been within 1 degree of each other and visible to the naked eye for over 800 years! An epic sight and time for sure! When two planets are transiting as closely as these two are in Capricorn, a war between them happens -- a competition of energies ensues.

Saturn teaches us how to release and let go by providing an immense amount of pressure. Saturn gives us opportunities and experiences that can provoke anxiety, fear, loss and grief, yet only we are able to decide how to move through them. There is always a choice on how to respond. Saturn is highly aware of time, is slow-moving, and is on the outer edge of our solar system. When we have fears and stresses, we can either feed into them or use spiritual principles to change perspective and convert experience into wisdom and the belief that we can endure life’s lessons in a different way.

When Saturn is in Capricorn, it is very much at home – Saturn is the planetary ruler for Capricorn so seriousness, ambition, capacity for hard work to make changes or restructure our lives is available to us now.

Jupiter is debilitated (does not do well) in Capricorn and when the two planets meet up Jupiter will be at 0°, so very much depleted, however, it is still a benefic planet and can bring its grace too, we just may need to look for it closely.

Jupiter is the indicator for wisdom, hope, fortune and philosophies. When Jupiter goes through Capricorn (practical and serious, seeking structure and safety) wisdom, hope, fortune and philosophies may feel stifled and interrupted. It doesn’t mean it isn’t there, it could feel a little constricted.

This transit is starting at the same time of winter solstice - when darkness has peaked and we begin to have more light. This can be a metaphor for your life experience too - with thinking and self-talk. Maybe we can adjust and claim "This or better!" for ourselves and loved ones instead of stating "Are you kidding me??" Just a thought.

Jupiter will leave Capricorn on April 5, 2021, but between now and then we can nurture and tend to our belief systems, take the action required to cultivate and grow in alignment with spiritual and divine purpose. Practice kindness, self-compassion and re-connect with teachings that speak to you.

This transit impacts everyone differently, the above is for us humans as a collective. If you would like to know how you will feel this and in which areas of life you will be most affected, book a reading at https://www.soulsankalpa.com/bookings-checkout/60-min-live-vedic-astrology-reading

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