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Hang in there - we are closing in on 2020!

Vedic astrology is based on the sideral zodiac, providing predictive cycles and timelines, (unlike western astrology).

The current lineup is a bit of a mixed bag, but gives us perfect opportunities to grow and expand our inner and outer worlds. I say grab your journal and take a deeper review of how you are interacting with others, not so much how others are interacting with you. Take a look inward to see what you can let go of or finish up during these retrograde cycles. Pick up a self-care routine or ritual - it doesn't have to be something that feels overwhelming or takes hours, but something small to begin with - like good sleep hygiene (an example would be putting your phone away one hour before sleep).

Here is a high-level description of what we have going for now.

  1. Mars (strength, or lack thereof): Mars retrograde (MarRx) in Pisces which can lend to some blow ups if we aren't careful with speech.

  2. Mercury (communication, intelligence): Mercury retrograde (MerRx) in Libra which can feel like we are seeking common, harmonious communication, but could be lacking in depth. Maybe saying what we think people want to hear us say.

  3. Sun (spirit/soul): Debilitated in Libra on the 27th which means that the things we need to strip in order to develop our highest selves may get muddled by indecision or lack of direction.

  4. Venus (our happiness): Debilitated in Virgo shows we may be overly critical of others or the things we believe make us happy. A tendency to be too staunch here could be softened.

Watch a quick explanation on my YouTube channel found here:

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