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Full Moon - Searching for Truth, Seeking Depth and Maintaining Serenity

"And after heaps of faith, you groove into a deep, new way. And all you can say, with the greatest humility and relief is, 'I’ve softened.'” ~ Danielle LaPorte

This December 2021 has been a power-packed month with shifts noticeable enough to cause mini-eruptions here and there. In my own personal world there has been sickness, dental issues, irritations and new beginnings. And as Danielle LaPorte says, “I’ve softened.” Really had no choice and here is why - in a nutshell.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Gemini (Mrigashira star constellation) is pregnant with inquisition and emotions - for everyone, not just me. Potent with its watery, expansive, reflective nature, the questions arise and where this is located is about ‘seeking’. Mrigashira is the symbol of a deer and it’s seeking nature.

Mars (strength) is full of fire, strength and the ability to flare up and out has joined Ketu. Mars is at home here in Scorpio where instincts are heightened, but they may not be on track. We’ll have to tendency to lean towards secretive, deeper reviews and relying on our psychic senses to guide us to our own truths - just keep in mind that sometimes our heads get away with our hearts and waiting for the evidence to appear may be in our best interest.

Mars may embolden us to snap quickly or have the desire to push back - keep that in check because Ketu will exacerbate this feeling.

The very next day Venus (our happiness) is now conjunct Saturn (our determination) is in Capricorn (where we yearn for safety and structure) will retrograde and potential for old relationship issues, or exes, may resurface. Some things are better left unsaid and seeking comfort outside of our own selves (”I need closure”) isn’t the best way to self-soothe nor regulate. That means you are unlikely going to find your happiness on your old issues that you feel are unresolved.

This line-up is guaranteed to either help you soften or harden - but the choice is yours - faith or no faith.

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