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Full Moon Scorpio - Eclipse (sidereal zodiac)

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

On June 5th, 2020 CST the Full Moon is eclipsed in Scorpio – ending the Taurus and Scorpio lunar cycle we began last month.

Mother Earth has been healing while we have been under safer-at-home orders, we sentient beings are confused, in various states of discontent and mostly trying to do our best to get to the next ‘step’. All sorts of expressions are being displayed. My sincere hope is that we can each do our part – being the drop of water in the sea to collectively create the perfect wave. That we are supporting one another in the best way we can – remembering that Love always wins. We all make a difference.

With the Moon being eclipsed in Scorpio, our emotional reactions may be leaning towards obsessive, overly sensitive, fearful and a little out of sorts. To calm the waters of the mind and heart we can bring ourselves to the heart center – that bond which threads through each of us to one another. If proper daily practices (devotional, exercise, walking, prayer, meditation, chanting) are being used we may receive the grace to thrive during these times.

Retrograde planets are closest to the Earth bringing with them their intensity. We review, renew and recycle the areas of our lives they represent. Currently these planets are retrograde:

Jupiter Rx – May 14th through Sept 12th

Saturn Rx – May 10th through Sept 28th

Venus Rx – May 13th through June 25th

With social uprising and rioting (Mars in Aquarius) our political and social structures (Saturn Rx in Capricorn) are being reviewed and broken. The collective consciousness is aware of and testing limitations. We may be feeling hopeless and restless, on a journey to seek out the deeper truth – collectively or personally (Jupiter Rx in Capricorn). This eclipse and alignment is the perfect mix to create a recipe for change.

Our long-term relationships and partnerships (VenusRx) are under review as well. Are we feeling respected and validated? Are we giving respect and validation? Go inward to seek the answers from your core being and see if you are expecting outside sources to heal your inside wounds. Can you readjust anywhere and be the change?

Love one another. Be kind.

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