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Full Moon in Sagittarius: Guru Purnima

Sidereal Zodiac: According to vedic astrology, this Full Moon is in Sagittarius. Vedic astrology is linked to the vedas, yoga and ayurveda.

Knowing your own birth chart (or at least your vedic ascendent) can let you know where these transits will impact or support you. (Image: Sadhguru. Photo credit: unknown.)

I used to look at astrology as a way to predict and avoid complications and 'bad luck' in my life. Having found yoga in 2003 I've come to learn that my life unfolds in divine timing. I now use vedic astrology as a way to understand my 'blind spots' and share with others how they can fully realize their potential by stepping forward and unveiling the unknown aspects with a reading.

Guru Purnima: What is Guru Purnima?

'Gu' means darkness, 'ru' means to remove and 'purnima' is the full moon. Guru Purnima is a special celebration honored by Buddhists, Hindus and Jains every year on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashadha (of the Hindu calendar) or the Ashadha Purnima Tithi. This year, Guru Purnima is on July 13 (in the USA).

Guru Purnima marks the relationship between students and teachers and is a time where we honor our teachers and give thanks remembering those who have drawn out the best in us. Sadhguru bridges the gap for many in the western world who are seeking a more eastern, spiritual practice without having to claim a religion, per se. (Find out more about Sadhguru and the Isha foundation here: Isha Foundation.)

Full Moon in Sagittarius: What does the Moon impact?

The Moon is the indicator of our mind, inner peace, women, receptivity, sensitivities and mothers. When the Moon is at peak capacity it is luminous and pregnant with possibility. The Moon influences that which is around it (and/or where she transits) with its gentle and giving nature. Now is the time to review what you planted or set as an intention during the New Moon to see if they have been realized and actualized. We cannot expect changes in our lives if we don't set clear intentions.

With the Moon transiting through Sagittarius it lends to higher teachings and beliefs (most likely why Guru Purnima is celebrated now). This is because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and in this placement is the masculine expression of Jupiter (fire, male and sattwic). Jupiter is all about learning, beliefs and trying to get to the truth.

Sagittarius as House Ruler: Where is Sagittarius for me?

If you don't know your ascendent (lagna lord) in vedic astrology, you aren't able to determine what area of life Sagittarius rules for you. How do you find out? You can submit a form here to get your birth chart. Scroll to Get My Free Birth Chart and receive a free birth chart a small audio clip.

Full Moon Practices: Why do them?

Having been a practicing yogi for more than 18 years, I eventually found that tracking and relying on vedic astrology has helped me integrate the nature of energetic fluxes of the planets. Why do it? Seems natural to me to focus on circadian rhythms, full moon, new moon phases and planetary transits to harness the support or fade into meditation. Otherwise it's like trying to swim upstream against nature and cosmic expression.

A Full Moon is a time when I put my crystals out in the moon light to recharge, I will forest bathe (fancy way to say hike), honor the elements and practice my own personal rituals.

Do you know how the Moon expresses in your chart? What sign it is in, which house it is in? Was it waxing or waning when you were born?

Please let me know your thoughts, if you would like some help in determining any of this information or if you would like a reading.

Sending you all the best ~ in and of the light, D.

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