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Full Moon in Pisces - Sun in Virgo (Sidereal Zodiac)

Tomorrow, on Sept. 20th at 6:54PM CDT this Full Moon (Mind/Consciousness) is in the sign of sidereal Pisces, in the star constellation of Uttara Bhadra Pada (which means later blessed result). The current transit of the Sun (Self/Soul) is in Virgo where details and criticism are readily doled out for the sake of control. The tendency is to over-analyze and in order to feel comfortable we may ‘help’ by letting others know what we think they should be doing. Direct opposite in the sky is the Full Moon in Pisceswhere we seek detachment and total release. See the how these are in direct opposition? We are driven to connect the dots, but we may want to totally let go of the puzzle. Meeting in the middle is how to connect this – the ‘root to rise’ concept. Anchor down and reach to the stars – Kasey Casem used to say, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

The sign of Virgo guides us to know which is really important through discernment and we can learn to release fears – if we can stay out of the muck of trying to control. The challenge is to integrate the consciousness (Moon) with Self (Sun) bringing the two into alignment through devotion by diving into the mysteries, we have the best of both signs.

Keywords for this Full Moon:

· Transcendence

· Mystery

· Root to Rise

· Purification

· Service

While we have this axis to integrate, keep in mind Mars (self-will) and Mercury(communication) also are in Virgo and while, combust (meaning close to the Sun), still have the potential if we aren’t careful to allow for swift, mouthy argumentative behavior so keep this in check.

If you would like to understand your birth chart and how this Full Moon feels for you specifically you can book a reading with me.

In light,


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