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Full Moon in Libra - April 2021 - Vedic Astrology

Today’s Full Moon is in the sign of Libra based on the sidereal zodiac used in Vedic Astrology.

Libra is the masculine expression of Venus, a place where ideas about our happiness and connection to others form and fluctuate -- based on the development and growth of Venus in our own personal charts. If Venus is immature, we may find that our happiness is tied to ‘what other people think of us’ as opposed to ‘connecting to divine’ and letting go of expectations we have of others in order for us to be happy. A mature Venus does not seek happiness at all costs which could leave an individual or their partners feeling less than. Happiness for a mature Venus is understood to be gained from devotion and love that is unconditional. But again, not at all costs. Unconditional love is a developed spiritual concept.

The Full Moon is transiting Libra thereby connecting us with (Venus) our happiness, our pleasure or our devotion, depending on Venus’s dignity. The Full Moon is our capacity to connect, to nurture and to receive. If we are blocked in any way, holding on to ideas that other people will make us happy or that someone else is responsible for our happiness we are going to be very disappointed. No one is responsible for your happiness. No one person can make us happy – we can know ourselves well and connect on a deep level with others but to place our wellbeing at the foot of another is expressing the lower form of Venus – but this expression will absolutely provide important spiritual lessons.

Vedic astrology helps shine a light on the areas we are seeking to grow through so we can struggle less and be of service to our brothers, sisters and others. This is a very potent time to practice devotion, sing kirtan, chant mantra and let go of your ‘ideas’ and submit to source. Find pure joy within and express without abandon. Stay well and safe.

To learn about the nature of your Venus (happiness) or your Moon (mind) connect with me at daryl@soulsankalpa.com for a reading.

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