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Full Moon in Chitra - Create & Produce

(Artist: Insta: @rachday_ Facebook: Rachael Day)

This past week brought us the transit of 3 planets in Capricorn: Jupiter (where it is debilitated), Mars (where is does its best) and Saturn which rules Capricorn. Jupiter expresses here as feeling lack of faith or hopelessness and in opposition Mars brings us the ability to be disciplined and gives us strength. Saturn brings us lessons, and the feeling of responsibility. This current alignment allows us to the discipline to go within, doing a deeper review to see what is no longer serving humanity as a whole and provides the effort to implement new paradigms and systems.

On Tuesday 9:35 PM PST/7:35 PM CT the full Moon is in the nakshatra (star map) of Chitra. The Moon is where we experience our capacity for peace and is our basic feeling nature. Chitra means bright (as in a diamond’s reflection) and one of its symbols is a pearl. In order for the pearl to develop there must be some sort of irritation and for the oyster or clam to share its pearl and the shell must be shattered or is forced open. Recent times have brought us to feel a little shattered, a little afraid and we can choose to offer up the pearl or be forced. What is your pearl and how can you contribute?

The Moon in Chitra calls to our essence to create, design or perfect what we are already developing. What would you like to bring to fruition? When we are operating within the flow of divine and universal guidelines our inspiration can more easily be brought from form and into function. How this full Moon expresses in your life is specific to your chart and the areas it lights up for you. If you would like to understand your basic nature within the current transit, message me at @soul_sankalpa or email me at daryl@soulsankalpa.com

Rest in meditation, restore in music, move with grace. This too shall pass. We are all connected and in this together. Blessings and wishing you ease of heart and good health.

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