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Full Moon in Aquarius - Sidereal Zodiac

According to vedic astrology this Full Moon (Mind/Consciousness) is in the sign of sidereal Aquarius, in the star constellation of Dhanista (translates as drum or bamboo-cane). Dhanista bridges between the signs of Capricorn– where we tend to have experiences that challenge us to seek spiritual peace or where in lower expression, we seek to control through to Aquarius– where we learn the benefit of working together and standing for all rather than our own, individual needs. Our mind can literally go from being locked down in tight structure to being open to new concepts and constructs for all humanity. But how this happens mostly stems from some type of destruction or realignment of ego.

The sign of Capricorn teaches us that we can have the comfort we think we get from the ‘stuff’ by remembering our soul is connected to divine, that material items do not bring about long-lasting happiness and comfort. Aquariusis where this internal expression in Capricorn can be brought out in the world for the benefit of others – where our efforts in alignment with our own dharma (truth – the thing that excites you the most) are best shared with others.

This Full Moon impacts collectively and individually, and our minds and emotional bodies may be going through these revolutionary shake-ups:

· Destruction (of values or ego)

· Inward satisfaction

· Detachment from Ego

· Unification of efforts

· Service work

Using this time – and Jupiter’s (hope) proximity to the Moon for the benefit of others, to go inward, to practice the ‘dance of destruction’ – whether this looks like reorganizing your world and constructing new paradigms in which you can serve others in a deeper way, or if it means actual tandavam (dance) like Shiva’s tandavam (dance of cosmic creation as well as destruction) – do it will all of your BEing.

If you would like to understand your birth chart and how this Full Moon impacts you specifically you can book a reading with me.

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