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Full Moon in Chitra | Bridge between Virgo + Libra

Do you know how to work with the Moon in your natal sidereal chart? Connect with me at daryl@soulsankalpa.com for your birth chart to understand where this falls for you.

Full Moon in Chitra

In Vedic Astrology (the astrology tied to the vedas from India thousands of years ago) this Full Moon is in the nakshatra (that means star constellation) of Chitra. The Moon is where we are able to experience, feel and express peace and stability - or depending on how we are managing, disturbances of the consciousness. The Moon generally represents our feeling nature. When it is full, it is pregnant with abundance, content, fluidity and the fruits of our labors from the seeds we've nurtured since we planted them 2 weeks ago in this lunar cycle.

Full Moon in Chitra. art by @rachaeldayart

Chitra Means 'Bright'

Chitra means bright (like the reflection of a diamond) and one of its symbols is a pearl. In order for the pearl to develop there must be underlying irritation for a period of time and then the oyster will only share is pearl if it is pried or forced open. In recent times I am hearing from so many who are feeling a bit afraid and are challenged -- now comes the opportunity to either offer up the pearl or it will be taken by force.


The bridge of Chitra from Virgo to Libra calls on our deepest essence to create, design or perfect where we have been working so diligently. When we are conscious of our divinity and the flow of all beings to and from source, our inspiration can be more easily brought into form and function

To understand how this Full Moon impacts you and how to work with it you can book a session or get a free copy of your chart at daryl@soulsankalpa.com.


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