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Focused Non-Obsessive Being - Full Moon Libra

On May 7th at 5:45AM CDT in the sidereal zodiac the Moon is full in the sign of Libra, specifically in the Nakshatra (star map) of Vishakha. One symbol for Vishakha is a decorated gateway which indicates triumph, or a goal achieved. The Nakshatra before it is Swati, where the triumph actually occurs - think of a runner crossing the finish line and the ribbon is a symbol of Vishakha.

This transit of the Full Moon in Vishakha can carry with it a sense of longing or a feeling that something is missing – a little like a letdown after a big event. Remember that the Moon is connected to how we feel and shows our psychological tendencies.

Collectively being housebound, we have had more time to ponder our goals and achievements and may easily become obsessive about them with this transit. When we are obsessive or caught up in our own goals, we run the risk of being self-centered, or self-seeking and can constrict our energy.

When you become aware of the ‘monkey mind,’ taking off without your permission, pause and think of a way you can contribute to humanity – drawing attention away from yourself. Remember our obsessive thoughts and actions will impact others and that we are a collective life force, meant to serve and protect one another. Our daily, non-obsession practice of meditation or yoga is very soothing here.

Upcoming this week are 3 planetary retrograde shiftswithin a 5-day period so stay tuned for forecasts and what to expect.

(artwork by: @rachaelayart and model: @leahlivefree)

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