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Clear Communication - Mercury Direct

Mercury has stopped its retrograde cycle in Gemini, a sign that it rules. How this is experienced specifically to you is dependent upon where Mercury is in your chart and its dignity based on placement. But overall, collectively, we will feel the communication to ourselves and to others has taken on a different feel. We may be more in the flow, and able to articulate and comprehend ideas or concepts that seemed to muddied just a few days ago. Less stifled or backed up.

Mercury is joined the Sun and that points us to our true Soul’s desires. We may seek out information or intelligence specific to what stokes our fires. We may have these “Aha” moments where what didn’t quite make sense last week, fits differently in our minds now. Notice though if you have a squirrelly pattern of jumping from one thought to another (Gemini does move us in this way) and gets us started on a new project, but draw on your ability to actually complete it. Focus and use your thoughts wisely ~~ where your thoughts go your energy flows. Stay well.

To understand where Mercury is for you have your birth chart read by me at www.soulsankalpa.com

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