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Akshaya Tritya - Auspicious Holiday

Akshaya Tritiya – April 25th, 2020

Today is a very auspicious day to begin a project or devotional practice where one wishes to have great success. Akshaya Tritiya is the 3rd day of the lunar cycle in Aries where the Sun and Moon are both in their exalted states. When Sun is in the sign of Aries and the Moon is in Taurus these light-giving planets are exuding their best alignments and providing their boon in energetic form, granting support to what we choose to begin.

This is where the Moon (our consciousness and emotional world) and the Sun (our soul and its deeper desires) match each other’s life-giving abilities.

The Sun’s placement in Aries calls us to dip into realms we’ve not yet explored and propels us forward into action. The Moon’s placement in Taurus brings us to seek creature comforts, passive ways to ground energy and enjoy our senses. Venus (our seeking happiness) is conjunct with the Moon here today providing extra sensuality and sensitivity with desire for leaning into the feel-good vibes. These powerful solar, lunar and planetary placements grant the support we need for our highest good. Sadhana, spiritual devotion, meditation and mantra help to ground these free rolling fears we’ve been battling the last few weeks.

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