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Sun in Aries - Transformation

(artwork: @rachday_)

Early this week the Sun came into exaltation in the sidereal zodiac in Aries where it does its best. For the next month we will have the support of the Sun in Aries potentially bringing about radiance, power from within and the opportunity to have situations illuminated ~ or separating based on truth and righteousness. The impact on you depends on your natal chart (for a discounted reading connect with me @soul_sankalpa on Instagram or email daryl@soulsankalpa.com)

The Sun is our connection to the soul, our internal radiance and confidence, or lack thereof. As it transits Aries we may feel called to action and take up a cause, make a change, stick with the change and move into transformation and lean into a new way of living.

All life is received from the Sun ~ the Sun (the Atman) is the only true light we ever receive and is the part of us that connects to the divine or to God ~ the Light Source. Take every opportunity to bask in the Light Source, seek out the silver lining in these very serious COVID times and share your love freely ~ let your Soul shine through that divine spark.

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