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New Moon in Gemini - Sidereal Zodiac

Today (at 2.23PM CST) the New Moon is in sidereal Gemini in the Nakshatra of Purnavarsu. Purnavarsu means to return to light and when the Moon (mind) is the darkest we can return within and grow from this transit through Gemini growing in the light. Gemini brings us ideas, curiosity, gathering of information and as the Moon grows in light from this placement, we can anchor and feel into the fullness of the next cycle for the next few weeks.

You may notice how we are shaking off the shadows of our old, patterned thinking and wanting to step into the new - this is the time. Mercury rules Gemini and is in its own sign - giving us the ability to translate our thoughts into words and potentially activate wisdom that has been hidden from view for a while. The Sun (Soul) is also in Gemini, and our true nature, our Soul self may be seeking another way to process and grow. Our true nature is always with us - just covered up by our business and doings - our daily distractions.

Your ability to call out what you are aiming for is helpful, but it is not necessary - if you return to the light. If you would like to know what area of your life this New Moon is impacting, book at reading at www.soulsankalpa.com.



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