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Full Moon in Magha + Planetary 'War' (or squabble?)

This Full Moon in Leo is in the Nakshatra of Magha where we are able to connect deeply with our roots, our ancestors and we may feel a swell of familial pride. The full moon is where we feel our roots and how we feel about them. Our lineage is passed down from generation to generation and in Magha (translated as the Great or the Bountiful) we are aware of those who came before us and perhaps can make a conscious draw on ancient wisdom and knowledge.

One of Magha’s symbol is a throne and this throne brings us to our ‘place’ here on the planet – the royal seat in our kingdom. Let's remember that our experience is our projection alone. Do you know why you are here and what your place is? What is your true north and deep inner desires? With intention in meditation bring yourself into the line of direct knowledge and share what you've learned with your lineage and those you impact. We are seeking teachings and teachers who walk the walk and talk the talk during this transit.

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