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Full Moon in Cancer - Full on Feelings

This Thursday brings a Full Moon in Cancer according to vedic astrology. When the Moon transits Cancer, its own house ruler, we are very much in touch with or in tune with ‘all the feels’. The Moon (Mind) is at home in this watery sign and this is where our deeper connections and perceptions reside, so we tend to feel deeply and quickly when the Moon transits here. How to tell what is impacted for you (besides your feelings) you’d need to know your vedic ascendent and where Cancer is placed in your chart. If your vedic ascendent is Gemini, Cancer is your 2nd house and it is responsible for values, self-esteem or childhood, so for example you may feel like you want to shift your values or your self-esteem may be a little rocky today, for example. You can fill out the “Free Chart” on my website to get your personalized chart and see your vedic ascendent if you don’t know yours.

During this Full Moon the firey planet Mars (Strength) aspects the Moon and casts its strength onto it - this may be experienced as high-agitation or perhaps feeling a little fed up with “XXXX”. Take care to intentionally slow the thinking and really get into alignment with the body – notice the heart rate or the breathing pattern. Being easily triggered or overly emotional can create excess drama and as a collective, we could use more compassion. It is so much more easeful to move from a place of intention rather than reaction, so remember to breathe way down into the lower part of your belly when you feel your body reacting.

We have now 4 planets in Capricorn: Jupiter (Faith/or Lack of Faith), Sun (our Power), Saturn (Solitude) and Venus (our Happiness) in Capricorn (where we are serious and crave safety). Jupiter is debilitated in this placement and will not express its fullest spiritual wisdom – it is possible we may struggle with feeling optimistic for a little bit. The good news is the Sun, Saturn and Venus will boost our desire for and mastery over our inner peace – once we deeply integrate the understanding that the stuff on the outside is never going to fix our insides. No amount of external ‘stuff’ can make us feel safe and thinking along those lines is spiritual regression. Avail yourself of a teacher who demonstrates the path you’d like to walk on and learn a bit about how they manage and continue to grow in the face of challenge. Remain teachable and humble to receive the grace and wisdom from those who lead the way.

Close your eyes, remember that you are right where you are supposed to be (or you absolutely would not be there) and feel the divine spark that connects us to one another and to Source. Stay well and thrive – much love and many blessings.

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